Dear My Future Wife,

I know that at my current age you might think that it’s too early for me to start praying for you. Once you read this letter you might even laugh at me but okay. This may sound cheesy and corny but still at this very age I would like to start my commitment from you. Listed below are my dreams, my prayer and my commitment to the Lord and for you. 

I. I will pray for you consistently. I know that I will fail a lot of times but still I will not give up and I won’t stop. I may forget about it but this letter will remind me that I have to pray for you and for our future. I will ask the Lord to guide both of us and to protect us. 

II. I promise to keep my purity. I will stay away from the thing that will possibly cause me to lose my purity. I want you and me to be both pure as we face the altar and give our commitment to the Lord in front of witnesses. 

III. I will not smoke. I once tried it before and I never enjoyed it. There’s no point of wasting my money and risking my health. 

IV. I will stop drinking. I will not drink any alcoholic beverages such as beer, gin or tequila. 

V. I will take care of my health. I want to enjoy every moment that I will spend with you. We will travel a lot and explore the beauty of God’s creation together. So I have to be fit an always on the go. We will have an active lifestyle. 

VI. I will always read my Bible and never give up my quiet time. I will always meditate in God’s word so I will gain wisdom and to grow as a Christian, a man and as a person. The word of God will be our strength and our guide whenever we face tough times. The words of God will also the one who will lead us to each other. It is going to be our compass as we continue our journey in this life. 

VII. I will start saving for our future. I will stop spending too much. I know that it’s going to be very hard for me but by the help of God I can do it. Money and finances will never an issue in our relationship. 

Those are the things that I promise to keep as I wait on God’s perfect timing to meet you. I don’t know how, where or when will I’m going to meet you. All I know is that God knows what the best is for both of us. I’m so excited for that day because that is going to be another unforgettable event in my life. We will be good friends and we will out time to know each other. Before I officially start courting you I will ask for your parents’ permission first. I know that it sound crazy and impossible to but God will give me the courage to do it for that is the right thing to do. I also forgot to mention that we are both done with our studies by this time. 

Our first date will going to be very special. We will go out of town with some of our closest friends to accompany us. Will go to Tagaytay and enjoy God’s wonderful creation. We will have a romantic dinner date before we go home. 

Now a days getting married is not that easy so we will take things slowly but surely. We will not in a rush. We will enjoy our single-hood and our stable relationship. We will take our time to each other better. You will enjoy your profession of your job and your ministry. We will not be pressured to settle down. We will enjoy each time that we have together. We may be very busy during this stage of our life but we will always find time to communicate with each other. If we can’t see each other personally then we can call each other every day. 

Before we settle down and get married I will make sure that both of us are stable – our emotions, our minds, our body, our spiritual life and our finances. We will be both matured enough to bring our relationship to a different level. By this time we both have stable job. I have my own house – it could be rented or bought as long as we can call it our own. 

Once the right time came to ask you the question, I will ask your parent approval first once again. Your parents and my parents should be both in agreement that they will allow us to settle down and build our own family. I will make sure o the day that I will ask you to marry me, our families and close friends are there to witness it. Once you say “Yes”, we will start planning for our wedding. We will have a minimum of one year for preparation. 

I will give you the liberty to plan for our wedding but there are things that will never change. First, our wedding should be a two days event. The first day should be a solemn garden wedding that is exclusively for family members. White tulips will be all over the place the motif will be blue, silver, white and your favorite color. The second day will be a beach wedding for our church mates and our friends. It will be full of different colours. But both of us will still wearing all white. Right after the wedding we will go straight to our honeymoon. It will be a place that you want to go. 

We will start living in together after our honeymoon. We will have at least two kids, a boy and a girl. We will both love them. We will take good care of them. We will not be too strict with them. We will help them to learn by their own. We will not stop them from committing mistakes as long as they can learn from it. We will always guide them and let them feel that we love them every day. 

By the grace of God we will grow old together. You face smiling at me will be the very first thing that I’m going to see every morning. If God permits we will celebrate our silver anniversary with our children and our golden anniversary with their own kids. 

My love, I’m not expecting too much from you. I will accept you for who you are. But if someone will going to ask me what made me fall I love with you? This is going to be my response to them. I love my wife because she is God’s gift for me. She is my Ministry partner and my best friend. She is matured n her faith and he loved God more than me or to anyone else. She loved me for who I am. She knows everything about me. 

My love, I hope that you are starting to pray for me and for my future as well. I’m so excited to meet you. Thank you for reading my letter. I’m looking forward to that day when I can finally say I LOVE YOU. 

PS: By any chance that God decided that I should remain single for life so could effectively serve him then I will not complain. I will obey what he wants me to do. In the first place HE is my first love. So I will submit to HIS will for my life. For now I’m not is a rush. I’m taking my time and enjoying my single life. 



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