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Your Sleeping Position and YOU
Batch 84 Christmas Party @ Edward's Place
I've got a blessing!
Another busy sunday!
Batch 84 Christmas Party
Beakfast @ North Park
Jaypee's Birthday
MJCF Christmas Party 2009
I think God Can Explain
Top 10 Heroes of TIME Magazine
A Day with out Calls
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Breakfast with Batch 84
Soon it's CHRISTmas
My Thoughts about the movie New Moon
New Moon Favorite Lines
I love morning, it makes me think of the value of life, it ask me to live. Not yesterday’s sorrows or tomorrow’s dreams but today’s blessings.
Always remember that life is ; Never without a problem, Never without difficulty Never with out hurtful moments BUT Never without GOD to lean on
Only God can satisfies the deepest needs of our hearts and make us truly alive. His love can’t be explained, it can only be experienced.
Why we need to pray?
No matter
A Friend
Beautiful sign of hope
Stretch your heart and Expand your love
Move on
Usapang guess
Proverbs 3:3
James 4:15
Sosyal na pulubi
People are everywhere but TRUE LOVE is rare
Psalm 64:10
How God Wants The Church  To Reach Out?
Why Prayer is important?
Prayer changes things
Music as part of life
Facebook and Real Life APPLICATION
Today is a gift
Limitation vs.Trust
Just look back but never bring it back
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It's a date!
After Typhoon Undoy Strikes the Philippines
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Density found in upper left lobe?
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I'm not sick!
It's a Date!
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I was humiliated..
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Good new?
Sino ba si Darna?