MJCF and WBC Joined Fellowship

Last May 31 2009 we had our joined Youth fellowship with some of the young people from Welfareville Bible Church. During that day it was raining so hard that I thought the fellowship will be postponed. Because I thought that they will not come anymore. But praise God because they did though they were wet. There were more or less 15 of them who came. Some of the expected people were not there but it didn't stop us to enjoy and celebrate the goodness of our Lord. I was the who was in charge for the devotion. Though it took me 40 min to finish that devotion. I can't even call it a devotion. it's more like a sermon. But praise God because they still enjoyed the word of God. After the fellowship Sis. Mabel prepared some dinner for everybody. everyone enjoyed eating bared hands. It was a very fun day. And a very fun Rainy night.
Praise God for everything!

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