Good new?

Thursday morning habang nasa Internet Cafe ako ay nag ring cellphone ko. Isang tawag ang narecieved ko mula kay Jhem, isang HR representative mula sa kumpanyang ina-aplyyan ko. She has good news for. She wants me to come tomorrow night for an account interview. So I don't have any choice but to say yes, simply because I badly need this Job.
I left home before 8:00 pm because of that I arrived early in the building where in the interview will be conducted. I waited for less than an hour and then there were two people arrived. I guessed they were the interviewers. After a few minutes when they were done preparing the interview room they started calling names of the applicant. On the first call there were no respond. I was the only applicant on that area that time. The interviewer ask me if were there for an interview and I said yes. So she asked for my name and she was surprise that I was there at a very early time. She said that she is not expecting that. Because of that we proceed with the interview. The interview was fun and they were fun to be with. There’s just one thing that I am worried it’s the technical aspect of the interview. The super from the account who also happened to be my interviewer asked me if I am familiar about “mapping a network drive”. I respond to him “not really” Because it gives him the signal to end the interview. The interview lasted only for less than 30 min
After the interview I went home. I decide to take the MRT instead of bus because I thought it will more convenient for me. unfortunately I was wrong. I took me more than an hour before the MRT arrive and it was really crowded.
When I arrive home I was “Lantang Gulay”

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