Do not judge a book by it's cover

         Today is my rest day so I'm doing my best to enjoy it. Today after I created the power point presentation for Sunday I went to my friends house and pick her up to accompany me in mega mall. We had lunch together then we went to a book store for me to by the Bible that I really want. Unfortunately I did not find the Bible that I'm looking at. It seems that it was out stock. I'm a bit disappointed because I really want to have that Bible.That Blue Bible. But thank God because I found a different one and it looks really good. When I got the Bible that I want, we went to Time zone to have some arcade. It was really fun and we really enjoy the time together. We left the mall around 6:00 pm . We have to leave because we still have commitments in the Church. We will both attend out own small groups. I just drop by in our house to change clothes then we went straight to the venue of our small group. one of my member brought some food. He cooked Pansit and Siomai and we had our snack after the small group. My day doesn't end there. I went to the small group of other group I joined them and have fellowship with then. I thank God for that  fellowship because it really makes me feel good. one member of that group is a Chinoy. actually two of them. But this particular person that I am referring to is different from the other one. Because all of has had this first impression to him that he not good to be with. We find him "sumplado", "mataray" and "masungit". Well I'm not describing myself. once again this was been our first impression to him until last night when we had the chance to talk to him heart to heart. everything change and we were able to more about each other. That time I realize what is the real thought of the quotation "Do not judge a book by it's cover".

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