My thoughts about '50 First Dates'

My friend and I had a date yesterday. Well not really, my friend just accompanied me to buy a gift for my "Inaanak" after we had dinner. Before we went home we drop by on a store where in she bought a VCD the we has some coffee. When we arrived home we were shock when we saw that there's flood. We didn't expect that since the rain is not that heavy but anyway it didn't stopped us to watch a movie together in her house. We watch "50 first dates".

Its an entertaining and sweet movie. It has an unexpected emotional undertow and enough hard-won laughs to make it succeed. What is most astonishing is the confidence with which the filmmakers push their premise to its logical conclusion, turning an ending that could have been either laughable or appalling into something so effortlessly heartfelt as to be nearly sublime.''50 First Dates'' is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). It has some predictably crude sexual jokes, some surprisingly tasteful sexual innuendoes and a few scenes involving drug use and its consequences.

Here's the plot of the story..

Henry Roth (Sandler) is a womanizing marine-life veterinarian who cares for animals in an aquatic amusement park in Hawaii. The film begins with a review of Henry's sexual conquests and scenes of him at work with his assistants Ula (Schneider) and Alexa (Strus).

One morning, Henry meets Lucy Whitmore (Barrymore), a local art teacher, in a café. They hit it off and agree to meet the next day, but when Henry returns, Lucy has no memory of him or their previous meeting. Pulling him aside to where Lucy can't hear them, the café owner explains to Henry that, as a result of a car accident a year earlier, Lucy suffers from Goldfield Syndrome, a fictional form of anterograde amnesia in which each day's events disappear from her memory overnight. She innocently believes every day to be the birthday of her father, Marlin (Clark), which happens to be the day of the accident. In order to shield her from the pain of repeatedly learning about the accident, Marlin and Lucy's brother, Doug (Astin), re-enact the activities of Marlin's birthday every day.

Realizing that he is falling in love with Lucy, Henry sheds his philandering ways and devises new ways to 'meet' her again every day, hoping that one day she will retain her memories—and feelings—for him. He eventually convinces Marlin that hiding the truth from Lucy is worse than explaining it to her each day, so they begin to leave video tapes for her to watch each morning, explaining her situation and her relationship with Henry. Lucy also writes notes to herself in a diary. Over time, she begins to reciprocate Henry's feelings, even accepting his marriage proposal.

One morning, Lucy hears that Henry has canceled his plans to sail to the Arctic on a research expedition, for which he had spent years preparing, in order to be with her. Not wanting to hold him back, she destroys all evidence of their relationship, insists that he leave her, and commits herself to a specialist unit in a hospital.

Now shut out of Lucy's life, Henry prepares for his trip. Before he sets sail, Marlin gives him a Beach Boys CD containing the music that Lucy used to give Marlin for his fishing trips when she was a girl because it reminded him of his wife. More recently, Lucy would sing this music on days when she was with Henry. Shortly after departing, Henry realizes that the CD may be a hint from Marlin that Lucy does indeed remember him, so he rushes back to the hospital to see her. Upon seeing him again, Lucy explains that she still does not know who he is but she has been dreaming about him and remembers his face, as evidenced by the many paintings and drawings she has produced of him while in the hospital. Taking this to be proof of their love for each other, the couple reunite.

The last scene of the film is set several years later. Although she is unaware of it as she wakes up one morning in the cabin of Henry's yacht, Lucy is married to Henry and sailing in the Arctic with him, his dream finally fulfilled. After tearfully watching scenes of her accident and her wedding to Henry on a video tape, she climbs onto the deck of the boat to be greeted by Henry, their young daughter, and Marlin.

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