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He whose walk is upright fears the Lord, but he whose ways are devious despises him

Proverbs 14:2

In our individualistic culture, we tend to think that our behavior is our own domain. "It's my life," "It's my body," "It's nobody's business but my own," are all common declarations of independence that most of us have heard - or even said - often. We see ourselves as isolated actors on a crowded stage. Everyone does their own thing.


That was the philosophy in the period of the judges too. "Everyone did as he saw fit" (Judges 21:25). They used their own standards of morality not only because they had no king, but also because they disregarded God. In our era of tolerance, we are immersed in a philosophy of "to each his own". Anyone claiming an absolute standard of behavior is sure to hear the mantra of the age: "As long as it's not hurting anyone else, it doesn't matter what a person does." God has a direct response: It matters.


Why does it matter? Because those who are upright in heart and behavior show a respect for God and His ways. Those who are not - who are devious in their plans and destructive in their ways - show that they couldn't care less that God exists. His standards are irelevant to them. Ideas, behaviors and lifestyles are not just personal decisions affecting only ourselves; they are personal statements about the God who created us. What we think and what we do say a lot about the One we serve.


Have you made that connection between your lifestyle and your opinion of God? The two are intimately linked. Those who fear God with respect and awe will reflect it in their lives. Those who don't believe God exists - or don't care that He does - will also reflect that in their lives.


In an independent age, that's a foreign thought. We who believe the Word can no longer say, "My life is my business." Our lives are statements of who He is. Consider your thoughts, your words and your actions well. Understand the statement you are making.

This devotion is taken from The One Year Walk With God by Chris Tiegreen, a republished title from OMF Literature

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