Ang Pera Na Hindi Bitin Book Talk



Price: P 50.00 
ISBN: 978971009066-2


Bitin ba lagi ang pera mo? Lagi bang kulang ang sweldo o allowance mo?

If you need a guide on how to best manage your money, get this easy-to-read and
practical book for yourself and your family—even your friends who are struggling or
always borrowing money!


Price: P 10.00 
ISBN: 978-971-511-990-0


Many feel bitin, struggling with a nagging sense that there is more to life. In less than 30 pages, Ardy Roberto presents the simple answers to living a life that's content, blessed, and worry-free. Written in conversational Tagalog and English, this booklet is a handy presentation of the Christian faith that you can give family, friends, co-workers.


Price: P 195.00 
ISBN: 978971049566-5



Well-known entrepreneur and speaker Ardy Roberto shares his and wife Tingting's journey to healing after a dreaded illness tests their faith.

Deeply personal and insightful, The Heart of Healing shares the power of giving HELP to sick loved ones: Hope, Encouragement, Love, and Prayer.

Those suffering from illness will find encouragement and renew their hope. And those caring for them will discover that, doctor or not, they can play an active role in restoring their ailing loved one to health.



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