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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Salitang Kalye in English

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I don’t just put definition on words. These are the practical meaning and usage of the words that in someway or another has been used to address my feelings or how I look at others, at that certain point in time. 

  1. MADAMOT = (madam -moot) a Filipino term used when a resource can be freely shared but the owner choose not to. 
  2. BURAOT = (boo-ra-oot) (1) a Filipino term used at someone when they act like parasite but making sure its not obvious to the host, (2) resulting to a blockage or delay to the host's task or purpose 
  3. GIYANG = (gee-young) Filipino slang term for harsh craving/longing but mild addiction to something/someone or action 
  4. PAM-PAM = (pam-pam) a term used for someone who tries to be noticed within (but not limited to) a group. see also K.S.P. 
  5. ASTIG = (as-tig) meaning tough or clever. it may be a person, thing or an act. 
  6. BADING/CHAPLOK = (buh-ding) slang term for gays 
  7. BAGETS = (bah-gets) a young person; at his/her juvenile stage of life. someone who acts like a teenager. 
  8. BANGAG = (bang-uhg) a feeling of being high with; numbness of feelings or internal senses. 
  9. BASAG = (buh-sag) a term used for someone whose jokes, punch lines or ideas are being ignored or impeded. 
  10. DAYUKDOK = (duh-yook-doc) a slang term for poor, broke and unprivileged 
  11. DEDMA = (dead-mah) a state of being ignored 
  12. DEKWAT = (deck-what) an act of getting something from; stealing from. 
  13. ENGOT = (ång-ot) a Filipino slang word for stupid; someone who is mentally-challenged at anything all the time 
  14. HAROT = (ha-rot) [1]a term for someone being uncontrollably naughty or roguish. [2] a playful act 
  15. JOWA/SYOTA = (jaw-ah / sho-ta) slang word for girlfriend or boyfriend. On a dating stage. 
  16. TOPAK = /toh-pak/ - (syn - sa'pak /sa'pak/ ) a state of being foolish; madness; idiotic 
  17. TUTSANG = (toot-chung) a Filipino term for hair nose 
  18. MATABIL = /mah/-/tah/-/bil/ an act of saying to someone what you wanted to say even if it could often cause embarrassment or discomfort to the listener or concerned party. 
  19. NGAL-NGAL = literally crying in a shout manner often used to refer to someone who has been crying with all their hearts out or has (almost) lose something important with out a chance of getting it back. 
  20. PUYAT = /pu-yat/ [1] a feeling you felt after a sleepless night/day. [2] lack of sleep 
  21. NGARAG = (nga-rag) a condition you felt when being (or getting) rushed to do something or a lot of things that would due almost or on the same time. 
  22. K.S.P. = or Kulang Sa Pansin (literal: Attention Seeker) a word used to describe some who’s acting like he or she needs attention. See also PAM-PAM 
  23. NANUNUOT = /none-nu-nu-oath/ persistently coming or sinking inside something or somewhere deep. Could be a feeling, a smell or idea or could also be literally small objects. 
  24. TOKIS = derived from /talk-ish/, a state where people agreed/promised/or talk about some things, but do not intend to keep-it or mean-it from the start. People who practice this usually just want to escape a particular conversation, and or show-off. 
  25. TIGANG = /tee – gang/ - [1] Heavily dried up [2] to be addressed to a person when he or she has not been laid for quite a while. Appropriately for addressing female in this manner or behavior. 
  26. SAGO-SAGO = / sah-go / - [1] Round gelatine [2] to be addressed specifically to a male who has not been laid for quite a while. It is believed that men could have their semen look like this if some one has not been laid for a long period of time. syn KAONG 
  27. KAONG = / kah-ong / - [1] sweet palm [2] to be addressed specifically to a male who has not been laid for quite a while. It is believed that men could have their semen look like this if some one has not been laid for a long period of time. syn SAGO-SAGO 
  28. TAGAY = /tag -aye/ - a share of drink usually alcoholic, for consumption with in a group, that has to be taken in a consecutive or specific order manner. 
  29. EPAL = /ae-pal/ - an act where in someone mediate in a conversation or an act to make oneself noticed; purposes may differ but mainly used to address an intervention that would put one of the parties in an unlikely position.

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