Bitter Sweet, 'I Love You'

Friday, January 16, 2015

Those three little words that I been waiting for so long. Those are the sweetest words I heard from you yet they are full of nevon that slowly kills me. I was confuse on what should I feel. Should I be happy? Or should I be sad? knowing that those three word doesn't mean anything to you. You don't mean it. I don't know what your motives are why you should say that nor tried to me believe that you love me. For once let me be honest, I was hurt. I was badly hurt. I love you and you don't have any idea on how much I loved you. I felt betrayed because I know that it is very clear to you what I really feel for you. I felt like taking advantage of me and worst I'm letting you to do it. People might say I'm stupid for letting you manipulate and use but yes they are right. I become stupid whenever I follow my heart more than what my mind tells me. I should be hating right now but I can't. I can't hate that one person that inspires and the source of my happiness as of this writing.

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