A friend, that’s what you are to me
We have just met each other for such a short time
But time is not a factor
For us to talk and share each others lives

We’ve joined in fun and laughter’s
Then we seat for a while a pray for the concerns of each other
It gives a big impact in my life
You didn’t make me feel stranger during the times that we were together

Time runs so fast,
But I hope that our friendship will never last
It’s now time for you to go back
It’s now for our farewells and goodbyes

But for you I will never say GOODBYE
Because I know that one day
We will see each other one more time
Into the very beautiful place called PARADISE

I wrote this poem before our friends from Singaporean leave the Philippines.
This poem is specially dedicated to SHERWYN , JOANNE and TSURAYUKI
I hope you would like it!
God Bless!

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