Young Peacemaker

Malabon Jubilee Christian Fellowship’s youth ministry were originally called Young Peacemakers. The ministry was named on the 1st day of october 2007. The ministry was consist and headed by few young people.
During this time Bro Ronald is helping us developing the ministry. He is helping us in our fellowship and in planning for some activities that will help the young people and the ministry to grow. Together with him was Sis. Marivic. She is the partner in ministry. She’s been a great help and a part of the youth ministry before she passed away on the same year. Everyone was shocked when I announced that Sis. Marivic already passed away. Everyone was sad about what happened. But at the same time we are rejoicing because she now in a better place and a better condition. She’s now with our Father in Heaven. Bro. Ronald continue to help us for a few more years, Until MEIZON TEAM was established. 
He’s now focusing in his home church praise God and we thank Him for his life.

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