My very first heart break

October 12 2007, Friday the Application for SiTEl start at 9:00 in ExcelAsia. I've past the Initial and behavioral interview. After the two interviews we have to go to Ortigas, where SiTEL is located. We waited until 2:00 am of the next day for our final interview with the Operation Managers. At exactly 3:00 am I was interviewed by coach Nuke of PeoplePC one of the accounts in SiTEL. After the said interview He give me a piece of paper and he told me to read what is written on it.
The note says: "Congratulations you have passed the final Interview". When I had read that line I can't explain the feeling that I felt during that time. I want to jump or cry because of the happiness that I feel inside if me. After that I process and completed my requirements so we could start right a way.

October 15 2007, Monday. This is my first day at work. We came for Fundamental Skills (FS) trainirng that lasted for 9 days and OCP for 2 weeks. I really enjoy and start loving taking calls. During the OCP my greatest mistake happens. I "accidentally" punch in for attendance one of my wavemate or co-employee. Knowing that I'm just make a favor for other person. I just realize that it was a big mistake when I read the text of the owner of the ITKA and I know that she was late. It was an Honest mistake but still I admit that I did that and because of that we almost got terminated. Policy is a Policy. So instead of termination we just decided to have our Voluntary Resignation. It was really hard for me to write my resignation letter. I want to cry when I'm doing it. It is very hard for me to let go of that job because I really worked hard just to get it. And with just a click on the mouse, I have LOST IT! I was so depressed and very sad every time that I remember what happened. So right now I'm just holding on to my FAITH. Although that was my mistake I still believe that GOD has the PERFECT REASON why does it happened. HE has a BETTER plan for me. I know that its not just BETTER because HIS PLANS ARE PERFECT!


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