It's already 4:00 am in the morning and here I am. Still awake. I'm still watching Full house. My sister got this DVD from her friend and her I am I'm watching it. I wasn't able to watched it when it was shown TV. So now that I have the copy of the show I want to watch it and I'm trying to compare it with the Filipino version that GMA created. I'm a bit sleepy now but my goal for today is to finish at least the 15th episode so that by tomorrow I can finish this. I really love the story of this comedy-drama show. It reminds me of the girl  that i really like. Everytime that were together out attitudes were like Lee Young-Jae and Kang Hye-Won who were the main characters in the story. I am a fool if I won't say that I'm wishing that our story will end happy just like what happen to the story of Full House. but it's sad to say and know that it will never ever happen. It's just a big dream that i know that will never come to reality.

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