Boogeyman is a 2005 American production horror film, directed by Stephen T. Kay. The film is a take on the classic "boogeyman", or monster in the closet.

On the surface, Tim Jensen seems to be a normal person, with a steady job and a good relationship with his girlfriend Jessica. However, a terrifying event that he witnessed as a child has left him traumatized, where his father was taken by the boogeyman that lived in his closet. Since then, he has taken precautions to ensure that the boogeyman cannot get to him, such as sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and removing all closets from his home and keeping all his clothes in a dresser drawer.

After a Thanksgiving trip with Jessica to her parent's house, Tim learns that his mother, Mary, has died. He is forced to return to his childhood home; a Victorian-era house in the country. After dealing with the funeral, he visits the psychiatric ward where he lived after the death of his father. His former counselor advises him to spend a night at the house to finally overcome his fear. Tim reluctantly returns to the house to confront his demons.

However, despite enjoying a reunion with Kate, his childhood friend, he becomes convinced that he is being watched by the same entity that has terrorized him his entire life.

Eventually the Boogeyman starts to take his friends and he finds himself in a final showdown with his infamous fear. In the end, it turns out that Tim needed to face his fears to defeat the Boogeyman since the Boogeyman was an amalgamation of Tim's various childhood phobias.

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