Agua Bendita

This past Holy week I just stayed at home because I don't have work. On the Holy thursday I just slept the entire day then watch tv at night. That night I was watching Agua Bendita. A story of twins that are very different. Originaly this is a story from comics and was adopted and became teleserye. I don't have the chance to watch it because of my schedule. I'm working on a graveyard shift and I don't have the chance to watch tv. But last thursday ABS-CBN had a tv marathon for the said teleserye. They played it again from the start. I was really touch by this teleserye infact it made me cry. The story is fictional but if you will take a look the deeper into the story you will feel and notice that these things really happens in real life. A story of love, family, faith and hope. What a wonderful story and very inspiring. I hope they will release a DVD of that teleserye so I could watch and finish the entire story. To those people who haven't watch it, I highly recommend this to everyone and of all ages.

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