I attended a weeding yesterday. It's a civil wedding of our friend. it was my rest day so when my Mom invited me I said yes. I never thought that it it would be a different experience.  Their house is in a farm and they live in a Nipa hut. Yes! literally a nipa hut. They have a very simple life. They are farmers.
        We arrived around 9:00 am and the wedding will start at 10:00am. We have to travel all the way to the city at the municipal hall. because the wedding was be held at the regional trial court. A judge was the one who confirmed their marriage. After signing the marriage contract and a short ceremony. We went back to their house. We did not rode a Jeep nor a bus the only vehicle that we use was a motorcycle with the side car. There were no roof and there were no chair. The worst thing is that there were 8 of us who rode that motorcycle. I really can't imagine how that motorcycle accommodate all the 8 of us.
        If I will take a look at them and if I put myself into the shoe, I myself can say that their life is not easy. Thought their life is not that easy they can still smile. I always see them laughing. I always see them  happy. One thing that I've learned on that trip is that money or wealth is not the answer to all our problems in life. Money cannot buy an authentic smile. Money is useless without happiness.

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