It's mine!

Thank God! Finally I have now a guitar that I call my own. I've just bought it today. Today is my rest day. When I got home I just suddenly felt that I want to buy my own guitar. I want to learn how to play it. So I texted a friend of mine who I know that he's very familiar with guitar since he himself play a guitar. I thought of Ramil. After a few minute I still got any response and because of that I called him. Te phone was ringing and ringing but no one is answering. I am completely decide to have my own guitar today. So I went to his house and I found out that the reason why his not answering the phone is because he was watching TV with his brother. He was a bit surprise when he saw me. I asked him to accompany me in Raon (Sta. Cruz) where I plan to buy my guitar. Of course he says yes. Definitely the guitar that I bought is not expensive since I am just starting to learn. I bought a guitar that I think that will help me to learn and something that I could use for my ministry. Particularly to our Youth ministry and to my Sunday school class. I hope that God will bless this guitar to glorify his name. I also pray that he bless me that I may learn how to play it.

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