June 20 2010, I had one of the most unforgettable or should I also say one of my most embarrassing moment at work. It's was a very busy night at the office. Where receiving a lot of call calls due to major changes that happened on the "Account Manager" of our customers. Then I received a call from this customer. He was calling because he needed some help for his website. After pulling up his account and hearing his concern, I pulled up his website so I could see were so start. I easily saw the problem that he was talking about. But aside from that I was shocked and embarrassed when I saw his website. It was a porn website. I was in panicked during that time. Because of that situation I put my customer on mute and I just suddenly don't know what to do when I saw the content on that site. I don't have a choice but to take a look at the site and assist the customer since that's my job. It took me several minutes before I could go back to my customer. I asked my co-agents what to do. When they saw the site they just had the same reaction. One of them just told me "Good luck" with a teasing smile. After that I just breathed deeply three times and that helps me to be more in control of my emotions and be in control of myself. Then I went back to my customer and start helping him out. Thank God for helping to stay calm and practiced professionalism. I know from the start that those kind of cases does happen in our work but I never expect that it will happen to me and that soon.

Lesson learned :
1.) stay calm all the time. Presence of mind is very important.
2.) Always expect the unexpected.

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