My Life Rules

In everything that I do there are 3 Rules that I always follow. These rules were a big factor and effect on my decision and actions. I called my rules "STAY CONNECTED".


1. With the people around you.
- Always give the proper respect to all the people around you. Your family, friends, relatives and even strangers. Always remember the greatest commandment form the Lord "The you neighbor as yourself"

2. With the Lord.
- Always make sure that in all the decision and actions that I do always makes sure that I consult God first and asked Him if those things are according to his will.

3. With Myself
- Always make sure that I know what I'm going into. I always make sure that I do what I want and what I think is right. I don't allow other people to mandate the things that I should do. I always make sure that I always have time to pamper myself, to take some rest and time to be alone.

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