Am I Rude?

         Yesterday my uncle (My mom's cousin) went to my Aunt's (also a cousin of my mom) house who's house is just beside us. Before he went home with his  co-workers he dropped by in our house. During that time around eight in the evening I've just woke up and in a real hurry since I will be late for work. I'm having my breakfast (Supper for normal people) when he came to our house. I really don't have any time to have even a small conversation. Since I've just woke up I'm not in the right mood to talk to anybody. After having my breakfast I took my towel and went in to the bathroom to take a shower. He was a bit drunk that time. It seems that he wants to have a short conversation so he follow me until the bathrooms door. "Kamusta ang trabaho" (How's work) he said. Honestly I was annoyed at him. I hate talking to people when they're drunk specially during these kinds of situation. I'm in a hurry remember. Still, for the sake respect I still answered him. "Okay naman"  I said with an empty emotion. Then he left and let me take my shower. After a few minutes they said goodbye and went back home. After I took my shower my mom talk to me while preparing my things. she asked me if I talked to my uncle. so I said yes (as far as I know I still talk to her). After all those alibi she finally told me that my uncle her I was rude. Well I can't him it just that they came in a wrong timing. As usual, just like typical mother she make "sermon" on me.  Am I really being rude? I can't blame anyone because is really me. I don't want to be hypocrite to pretend that I enjoying their company. Because I really don't. Honestly I'm not that close to my relative. I may be for a few of them but not to all. What should I do then? This is Edison, the real Edison. I will talk to people who I want to talk. I don't really get along with my relatives weather on my mother or father's side. We have a very big extended family. On my mom's side they were twelve and almost all her sibling has their own family with children. On my father's side there were six of them and they all have there own families, children and grand children. Just imagine how big that family is. One of the reasons that I see why I don't get a long with then because I'm not close with them. I don't even know the name and the face of my other aunties and uncles most specially my cousins. I'm not a sociable person. I'd rather say home and read book or do something else alone rather than talk to those people that I don't even know.


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