Another Lovely Day!

Today is my rest day again I decided to went out with my friend. We went shopping. It's was lunch time when we reach the mall so we gad lunch first in restaurant who serves fried chicken. It was a fun meal. After that we went to my favorite boutique. I actually just bought a jeans and a dress for my baby. We noticed that there are a lot of people on that day. you might be thinking that definitely there will be a lot of people because it's a public place. but more than that there's actually a Sale on that day. But I can say that the most crowded place on that day were the movie house. Simply because the Twilight Saga Eclipse in now showing. I didn't realize until we dropped by at the movie house. At first we were hesitant to watch because we have prayer meeting that we need to attend. The show will start at 5:55 but our prayer meeting will start at 8:00 in the evening. if we will watch the movie we will not be able to make it. But my desire to watch the film is so intense that I just can't resist it. After asking my friend if she want to watch the movie she just says it up to me. So I decided that we will watch the movie. Beside this is the only time that we can watch the movie together since I have a very hectic schedule. After buying the ticket we just went to a store who is well know for selling stuff toys while waiting for the time. I was staring to an item when a girl (who were a crew on that shop) came to me and approach me. Then she said "Sir, ano pong kailangan nila? pangregalo po ba? birthday gift? o para po ba kay mam? (Then she stared to my friend). I was about to buy that Item, but because of what she said I changed my mind and went out of the store while both of us were laughing. It's around 5:25 so we went back to the movie house. We were shocked when we saw the line of people and we just realized that it's the line for the movie that we will be watching. It's very long we don't have any choice but to fall in line. It was a lovely and very fun day. Thank April for accompanying me. Sa susunod ulit! (until next time).

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