She finally turns into a lady!

Now a day that  it is very rare to happen for me and  with my "Bhesty". And this is to have picture together. This brought me to the realization of the reality that were no longer Children at all. Children who can simply play whenever day want, eat and be merry. I reality miss those time that we can be together almost all the time. We can just hang out Abby's house to to Wilmer and have sleep overs. Now that were almost in our adulthood (Specially me as older to them  and whose now 21) are now very busy on our lives and activities. Thank God for this wonderful night. A night that is memorable to one of my closest friend - April (Abb'y younger sister). She now turned to a real lady. She is now 18th. On this night my "Bhesty" and I celebrated this memorable night with her. And through this night and this occasion were together again.happy 18th birthday to you April. I wish you all the best in life my dear friend. may the Lord our God bless you more. And  I pray that you continue on service him in  all aspect of your life. And make use of your God given talents and gifts for his glory Alone.


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