Dia-Ifurung Nuptial

I attended the Wedding of Tim and Anne. It rained so hard when I left home. From our house I walked for around three block while the rain fell heavily before I could rode a tricycle. Then I have to cross the street to ride a bus. There are a lot of people in the street and they were like in a race in getting a bus. I was so feast off and I wanna go home. But on the other side of my head it tells not to go home since Tim is expecting me. So I still go on and went to the venue/ I reach the venue safely thought I was wet but no one noticed it. My pants and my shoes were wet until I went back home. I was so tired that were I went home I just removed my shoes and my pants then go straightly to bed.

Maria Anna Ifurung and Timothy Dia!

Best Wishes!

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