Mariel and Robin : Revealed

I haven't had the chance to watch this on tv on the date it was showed because I need to sleep so I could come to work at night. Upon watching this video I was so kilig. Then I read some of the comments posted on YouTube. There are people who were like me who support this love story and happy for both Mariel and Robin. Since they are part of the show-business they cannot scape from intrigues. There are people who find this interview as a tactic to help their noontime show to get more viewer for them to get high ratings. Well I don't believed it. I don't care what will people think but as far as this issue is concern if they are really in love with each other then so be it. We better support them rather than intrigue them. Also privacy is very important.Though Mariel and Robin were public personalities, they are still humans and it is there right to respected so let's still give then the respect that they deserve.

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