Team Building

We had our Team building this afternoon at Red Box in Greenbelt 3, Makati. My shift for yesterday ended eight in the morning. I waited in the office for almost four hours before we went to the location because the venue opens at twelve noon. We went home at three in the afternoon. The team building was fun but the entire day was so trying. I don't have enough sleep since I still have shift tonight. When I arrived home I just take off my pant then lie down directly to the bed. I don't even have time to wash my face. My entire body just want to take some rest. At nine in the evening my mom woke me up because I will be late for my work. My mind is telling me that I should stand and start preparing for work but my body is not cooperating. My body don't want to leave my bed. After a few attemps of my Mom to woke me up I finally did. I was in a hurry so won't get late.
       When was already in the LRT my eyes is letting to take a nap again and so I did. After a few minutes I got up when I felt that there were already a lot of people inside the train. When I opened my eye I saw this person who gives me reason to woke up. Thank God because though I am really tired something still happened and now I am inspired to continue to work.

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