A Day of Panic!

This one of the most embarrassing and very stressful day in my life. I went online around 12 pm this afternoon and log-out around 2:30pm. Before I leave the computer that I used I make sure that I log-out from all the online accounts that I have such as email, blog, Facebook, twitter and others. After logging out I cleared the cashe of my browser. When I arrived home my friend Shella texted me and asked me if I'm still online. So I replied no. Then she told me that my FB status was change. Then she told me what the shout out contains through text. It was so indecent. Some of my friends were chocked. Thank God I have true friends who know me very well that they did not believe the shout-out. They know that never in my life will say that. One of the proof is that when she'(Shella) told me that she know that it was not me because she know that I'm not that kind of person. I texted another friend of mine to verify if what happened was true and he said yes. Arnel was very helpful as well. By that time I don't have access to the internet but he asked for my user id and password so he can do something to fix the problem. I really appreciate his help. To day there are thing that I have learned.

1. I've been blessed for having true friends who cares for me and who knows who really I am

2. Never save or stored your password in a shared computer or network

3. Make sure that you email address id always updated

4. Change you password regulary (per Month)

5. Make sure that you create a strong password that is unique and cannot easily be decoded

Though this is not a good thing still I thank God for this. Simply because He is teaching me something. Everything that happens to me has a purpose. Thank you Lord for all the lessons that I've learned today. Truly God is good!

To the one who hacked my account you were forgiven but be ready, for my God shall do the revenge!

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