DEMETICONS Team Building

       Before my shift ends early this morning my coluege approach me and told me "Sandali lang huh". I have no Idea of she just said so I asked her? "Anong sandali lang? Anong meron?"  She finally notice that I really have no Idea. Then she told me that since our team got the top 1 for the last quarter we were rewarded a fund for out team building. After a few a hour of waiting the shift of one of my previous teamate ended. So we went a head to a  restaurant. The food was great and enough for the six of us. We had kare-kare, sinigang sa miso, cripy pata, daing na bangus and fried chicken. The food was great as well as the laughter that we had during our Brunch (breafast and Lunch in one meal). This one of the benefits of working in a call center. Since you do have your own time, you will always cherish and value the few hours or time that you spent with your friends. For us quality time is more inportant than quality time.


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