One on One on the Road

        Today I had the chance to talked to one of my ministry partners - Jinky. it was the first time that I was able to open up with her. it was also the first serious conversation about our ministry. That conversation lasted ofr almostthree hours. I praise and thank the lord for all the encopuraging words came from her. I admitted to her that I sort of felt burnned out with our youth ministry simply because everything seems that it was not working as supposed to be. I told her that I had too much expectation to her to the other leaders. I realized that I expected too much.That is why when no one was able to meet those expectations I felt so dissapointed and discourage. jinky is really a big help. she in an inspiration to me. She help me to pick up some of the pieces of me that I have lost, such as the cinfidence to pursue my ministry to the youth and the positive spirit of never giving up. Now that I have realize some things and the true value of some people around me that i always ignore before. I may not tell it to them face to face of how Ipraise and thank God for their lives. I just hope and pray that we will remain together 'til the time that we can say to one another "Great job! We finally hit out goals!"

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