Wisdom Band on 10.10.10

Let us support Wisdom Band in their up comming concert this October 10 2010 that will be held at Metro Bar located in east Ave, QC. Mark your Calendars and see you there.

Who are they?

      A Filipino Christian evangelistic band that was organized by Jerome Mascari&ntildeas in October 2000. The name was derived from the Bible verse found in Psalm 111:10a:  "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." they are committed in sharing God's word primarily through music. Since they started, they have already produced five albums, with a sixth one in process, all of which include original Tagalog compositions of the group. They have also been to different places around the Philippines performing concerts and evangelizing, including in factories, offices, churches, fellowships, PNP training camps, jails, special occasions gatherings (e.g., birthday parties, anniversaries) - anywhere there's an opportunity to share God's Word through music and testimonies to lost souls.
Wisdom Band is now preparing for our sixth album, which will be out in the market by 2010. We will also be celebrating our 10th year anniversary in God's service on October 10, 2010 with a concert.


  • Jerome Mascariñians   Band leader and base guitarist
    Jerome has always had the heart to serve God through music. He is the musical director of the Asian Engine fellowship and the Malabon Jubilee Christian fellowship. A versatile musician, he is also a composer, arranger and plays the keyboard, drum and the guitar. He and his wife, Rose, has two kids, Carlos and Lyka.
  • Joey Esparagoza   Lead vocalist
    Joey, single, has a wide vocal range. He is a member of Victory Christian Fellowship Fairview. He runs his own local tours business for Metro Manila.
  • Benny Tuble   Second lead
    Benny has a beautiful voice and can reach most of the band's high notes. He is a faithful employee and is married to Marlyn.
  • Rico Pantoja   Lead guitarist
    Rico whose dexterity of fingers allows him to play the guitar well, is also a drummer in Malabon. He and his wife, Adora, has two kids.
  • Hefner Remigio   Keyboardist
    Hefner is a faithful servant of God and leads the Praise and Worship in Malabon. His wife's name is Joey.
  • Jonathan Hernandez   Drummer
    Single and also known as Athan, he is the newest member of the group. He serves as a drummer of Jesus Reigns Youth Fellowship.


  • Pastor Jay Banzuelo
  • Pastor George Nunez
  • Ernie Chan
  • Elena Chen
  • Bicbic Chua
  • Eddie Manzon

Manager: Mimi Chen


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