10-10-10 Wisdom Band @ 10

   Praise god for the wonderful day that I had tonight. My leave was approved so I had the chance to watch the concert of Wisdom Band. Their special guest were Isabella de Leon (The little girl in Dadedidodu who portray the role of Duday), Brenan Espartinez ( A finalist of Pinoy Pop Superstar and well know as Agatom of Sineskwela) and Jude Matthew Servilla( The Birit Baby Champion a contest from Eatbulaga). The night was awesome. Were actually a bit late that's why were not able to see the performance of Isabell. The concert started with secular songs, followed by revised or remix secular song sung by Wisdom Band then followed by their own original songs. The concert end with a praise and worship with the common praise and worship song. It started with "Who am I" sung by Ptr. Jay Banzuelo (who do not typically sings but has a wonderful voice) and Direk mark. The last song was "Forever" leaded by Bro. Ernie Chan. It was a wonderful night a celebration of God's Faithfulness to Wisdom Band. It was a night of blessing and  a proof Christian are not boring! We can have fun in our way while glorifying the Lord our God!

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