Friendship that continues to grow...

This problem started a few weeks back. When  a misunderstanding occured between my friends until common friends got involved including me. This misundertanding went deeper until the point came that a "silent war" between my two best friends was formed. At first I thought that it was just a simple misunderstanding that they can easily solved. Unfortunately it's not the case. There are other people and other party that got involved so I finally decided that this issue/problem has to be put to end. Saturday, November 06 2010 I and two other friend joined "Famine" a movement of World Vission againts hunger. We fasted for 12 hours but when I got home I continued that fast. I didn't eat supper asking God for guidance and help. That he will do something to fix this problem that were having. The following day Sunday, November 07 2010 which is today after our worship service I invited the people involved to have lunch with me in our home. After our lunch we had the chance to talked about the problem and I had the chance to hear both side. Praise God because he trully answer prayers. Thanks to Abby, Mher, Shella, Jinky and Ramil for being there and having an open mind. I know that God is in the minds and in the center of our friendship that causes our relationship to grow. I'm so blessed that I have good friends and they are trully a gift from above.

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