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Looking to get online, but afraid to commit? Take advantage of our FREE Website Trial and create your site today. You get a full month to try out all of the features of our website package for FREE*, including:
Easy setup wizard
Build your website in a snap with no special design software, no plug-ins to download and no technical skills required.
Customizable design templates
Choose from an extensive gallery of customizable design templates in a variety of styles.
Free Website Add-ons
Add a variety of interactive website tools such as a blog, event calendar and more to make your site more engaging.
Flexible Domain Use
You can point an existing domain to your new website for free or use the included auto-generated 3rd level domain
If you love it, you keep it?for a low monthly price of just $9.95. If at any time during the
1-month trial period, you are not completely satisfied, simply call Network Solutions?
Customer Service to cancel and you will not be charged after the free trial period ends.
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* This is a free trial offer for nsWebsite? (Small). At the end of the 1-month trial period, you will automatically be charged $9.95 per month for the nsWebsite (Small) package. If you wish to cancel and not be charged, you must contact Network Solutions Customer Service at 1-800-333-7680 before the expiration of the 1-month trial period.

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