With All Your Heart

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"You will find me", God says, "when you seek me with all your heart"

Jeremiah 29:13

The heart is the connecting point, the meeting place between any two persons. The kind of deep soul intimacy we crave with God and with others can be experienced only from the heart.


I know a man who took his daughter to dinner; she was surprised, delighted. For years she had been hoping he would pursue her. When they were seated, he pulled out his Day Timer and began to review the goals he had set for her that year. "I wanted to burst into tears and run out of the restaurant," she said. We don't want to be someone's project; we want to be the desire of their heart. Gerald May laments, "By worshipping efficiency, the human race has achieved the highest level of efficiency in history, but how much have we grown in love?"


We've done the same to our relationship with God. Christians have spent their whole lives mastering all sorts of principles, done their duty, carried on the programs of their church...and never known God intimately, heart to heart. The point is not an efficient life - the point is intimacy with God.


This devotion is taken from Knowing the Heart of God by John Eldredge,  a republished title from OMF Literature.


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